A School Where You Can Be the Boss

TeaTime is a language school where you are the decision-maker. You know best what kind of a learning style suits you, what your language needs are, and what you like to talk about. Check out our teachers’ gallery and find the one who shares your interests, whether it’s a hobby in common or professional experience. Or you may simply choose the one you like. Whatever you prefer, it’s up to you.

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First Question: Who’s responsible for English?

Darren Crown: English on the Level - First Question: Who’s responsible for English? - 1.díl bestselleru "Angličtina na rovinu" od česky hovořícího Američana, žijícího a působícího v Praze od roku 1992.


English Learning in a Group of 4

Study in a group of 4 for just 150 Kč per 60 mins.

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English with Passion

Come and talk with others about the things that interest you.

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Individual English Courses

Find out what we mean by individual approach to students.

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