What Students Say about Nataliya Kulyk

  • Nataliya comes to lessons always 100% prepared. She tries to drive in necessary everyday phrases as well as phrases from the area of culture, workplace, leisure through the media of repetition, simple games and varied teaching style. We listen to songs, watch bits of film in the original language, read articles, draw word associations, etc. In the lessons, there is space for presenting acquired knowledge through role-playing, which is a fun way how to memorize important information and get to know each other. Nataliya puts emphasis on good pronunciation, and she tries to present grammar in an easily comprehensive way so as to be able to use it in everyday conversation. I have tries a few teachers but I can recommend Nataliya as one of the best. She is an excellent teacher with excellent knowledge, who is very nice and friendly, always looking on the bright side of life. It’s thanks to her that English has become more attainable and fun.

Ilona Sedlackova, POS Media

  • I’m satisfied. When in doubt, she tries to explain it different ways, with phrases, pictures, for as long as we need to understand. She is very nice, friendly, and always well-prepared. It’s easy to understand her, she articulates well (while other teachers are often difficult to understand).

Kamila Novotna, POS Media